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Names of God


Stock paper and markers. May Allah subhanahu wa ta’aala forgive my horrible Arabic writing skills!

Imaan in Winter


Thread, wire, letter pendants, glue.

The pendant letters spell out the word “IMAAN” which roughly translates into “faith.” Even when we are feeling dark, alone, twisted, etc., we can always hold onto a thread of faith.

Spring, InshaAllah


Paper, thread, and glue.

Building Tank


Gray to Grey to White

Gray to Grey to White

My Hyperthyroidic Lover

There were nothing but bones left
In my bed
And the whisper of love

A sticky sweet remembrance
Of our brief time together

I rolled over to smell your pillow
Quickly turning cold
Your scent fading
As my heartbeats slowed
And passion gave way to melancholy

I heard you pull out your guitar
Could feel the nervous plucking

I wished for a cigarette

We each have our own way

Of detaching